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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Golden Decade

A multi-volume series that covers the out-of-copyright period of 1948-1957, year by year.  What puts this beyond the thousands of nostalgia collections covering this era is that it raids not just the US pop charts, but also the country and R&B ones as well.  Consequently, you can listen as all three genres work their way towards the game-changing moment when Elvis walked into Sun Studios and fused them together, with no one having a clue it was going to happen.  A bit like watching the Star Wars prequels, only, you know, good.  Having said all that, the music is not just pre-history, and much of it stands on its own merits.  I've barely scratched the surface and discovered all sorts of delights I had no idea existed.  In particular it introduced me to the genre of Western Swing, more on which later.  Obviously there is some dreck, and some novelty records of the damned, but that's inevitable with a project like this.  Someone once said before Elvis, there was nothing.  They were wrong.


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