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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mis'ry and the Blues - Jack Teagarden

This late work from 1961 by jazz great Teagarden features the trombonist/vocalist stating philosophical truths from the perspective of experience.  'Don't Tell a Man About His Woman', he instructs in the opening number, because 'they'll both start shootin' at you'.  'You should laugh and sing 'cos it doesn't mean a thing, it's all in your mind' he goes on to tell us, transcendentally.  The title track is a dark blues fit for Billie Holiday, while Love Lies is an organ-drenched lush instrumental.  His vocals have an ageing-Dylan rasp to them (although crucially he doesn't sound like Davros), and the overall vibe is autumnal and accepting.  A genuine find.


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