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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Rare Rock 'n' Roll Masters

This is one of the many rock 'n' roll compilations you can get on Spotify now that whole era is out of copyright.  What makes this one unusual though is the apparent randomness of the track selection.  On the one hand, you do have genuine rarely-heard gems such as Wizard of Love by the Ly-Dells, a version of Real Wild Child by Cricket Jerry Allison under the pseudonym 'Ivan' and the follow-up to Love is Strange, There Ought to be a Law, by Mickey and Sylvia, as well as amusing oddities such as Pat Boone's harrowing account of gambling addiction, Bingo.  On the other, there are tracks that have very little to do with rock 'n' roll at all, including Tommy Dorsey swing, Yale musical troupe number The Whiffenpoof song, and a slushy ballad sung by Richard Chamberlain.  It's like someone trawled the bottom of the '50s musical ocean and stuck up whatever they found without sorting it, or as if someone is using these tracks to make an argument about the development of popular music during the period, but the argument is impenetrable and weird.  A truly baffling listening experience.


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