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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Rockabilly Insanity

Another rock 'n' roll-era comp.  This is one of many that now exist thanks to the lapse in copyright of all '50s music.  What is interesting about this one and others, mostly thanks to a mysterious company called Master Classics Records (although this one isn't, I suspect there is a connection) is the way in which both classics and obscurities are mixed up due to everything being up for grabs, so Elvis, Buddy Holly and Gene Vincent rub shoulders with such delights as 'Spin the Bottle' by Benny Joy and 'Jammin Granny' by the Creepers.  The highlight for me, however, is 'Little Girl' by John & Jackie, which is frankly obscene.  Also listen out for the snippets of talking from related contemporary adverts and news between the tracks.


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