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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

100 Western Swing Hits

Western Swing was a meeting of country music and jazz that was popular from the late '20s to the '40s.  It was lively, with a wry, even urban, humour.  It was also occasionally fantastically rude.  I find it of interest because it seems like a dry run for rock 'n' roll, with white and black music fusing into something good-time, raucous and implicitly sexual.  By the time rock 'n' roll did hit, however, it seems that everyone had already forgotten the great Western Swing experiment.  Stand-out tracks for me in this four volume set (volume one linked to below) are 'Red's Tight Like That' by the Tune Wranglers, 'Who Walks In When I Walk Out' by Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys, and the impossibly obscene 'Pussy, Pussy, Pussy' by the amazingly-named Adolf Hofner.  Listeners should be warned, however, that Western Swing is of its time, and some very unacceptable words do make an appearance.


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