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Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Soundtrack to Peter Watkins's (who once gave a lecture I attended when I was at university on his later, scarily long and Marxist films) 1967 dystopian pop film, in which chart throb Paul Jones is subverted into becoming a mouthpiece for the religious right.  The score contains several songs from ex-Manfred Mannster Jones and instrumental music by Mike Leander, plus some rockin' hymns by one George Bean.  There is an interesting progression as the songs begin espousing a position of individualism before crossing over into worship numbers as the album goes on, with melodies recycled.  One song ('Free Me') would later be covered by Patti Smith.  The Jones songs are obviously the stand-out tracks, but the instrumental themes are nice too, with a Barry-esque vibe to some of them.  A surprisingly satisfying and cohesive listen for a soundtrack album.


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